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Guerra de palavras entre Ronda Rousey e Becky Lynch continua

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Esta quarta-feira foi Ronda Rousey a fazer uso das redes sociais para responder a Becky Lynch e falar do seu combate, agora contra Charlotte Flair, no Survivor Series deste domingo.

Através da sua conta de Instagram, Ronda Rousey falou de como Becky Lynch fugiu do confronto entre as duas e que é normal quando alguém nos acerta na cara, aleijarmo-nos.

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@beckylynchwwe I’m really sorry to hear The Millennial Man will not be showing up for her legally arranged ass whooping on November 18th at the Staples Center. Unfortunately now everyone knows if someone hauls off and punches you for real, your face implodes. I suggest you keep practicing your tough guys faces in the mirror, should be very effective physical therapy. And have fun watching Korean soap operas on Netflix or whatever the hell the Millennial Man does with her free time. Don’t worry I’m not the back stabbing cheap shotting ambushing cowardly type, so you’re perfectly safe to take your time and heal up until your figurative balls have dropped and you’re finally ready for your comeuppance. I want you 100% healed up, prepared, and looking me in the eye when the bell rings. Lemmie know when you’re done healing your boo boos and ready for me to serve you your ass on a silver platter with your avocado toast. I do have to admit, The Millennial Man is stunningly conniving. She poked the bear and ran like a bat outta hell when the bear awoke – Feeding me her favorite frienemy and fellow #FAUXhorsewoman @charlottewwe is a new level of manipulative cowardice, even for The Millennial Man. @charlottewwe is a Superfight and I've always wanted to fight her – but she's just the stand in for the beating @beckylynchwwe has coming to her this Sunday. I’ll be sending The Champ a choice piece of Charlotte as a souvenir🖕🏼 #RondaVsCharlotte #SurvivorSeries #Nov18 #4horsewomenVSfauxhorsewomen

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Ronda Rousey falou também de Charlotte Flair, dizendo que a irá vencer e que ela só irá levar a tareia que estava destinada a Becky Lynch e que um dia irá vencer também a “Irish Lass Kicker”, se algum dia lutarem.

Quem não demorou a responder foi a campeã do SmackDown, que trouxe o passado de Ronda Rousey à baila dizendo que ela não é como Ronda Rousey, que quando perdeu ficou escondida durante 1 ano e que a mente dela é tão fraca como o seu queixo.

Quem não gostou desta resposta, como esperado, foi Ronda Rousey que de novo através do seu Instagram alegou que Becky Lynch se queria lesionar para não ter de lutar no Survivor Series.

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@beckylynchwwe Sucker punched? I’m gunna skip past the blatant hypocrisy of the chick who literally ambushed me with my pants down in the locker room and hit me with a chair while my back was turned complaining about getting blindsided and point out something else extremely obvious. You were punching Nia in the back of the head and she turned around and laid you out with one half closed fist. 🤔 You had the jump on all of us at #Raw and walked out with a broken face and a severe concussion acting like you’re the biggest badass on earth. And the next day YOU backed out of our match. That’s some #BackwardsBullshitBecky We both know you came to Raw looking for a reason to back out. Keep clutching your Dr’s note, in the meantime I’ll be proving to the world @charlottewwe bleeds red just like everyone else. #RondaVsCharlotte #SurvivorSeries #Nov18

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O que acham desta troca de palavras entre as duas campeãs numa altura em que se fala sobre a possibilidade do combate entre as duas vir a acontecer na WrestleMania 35, até mesmo de poder ser main-event do grande evento.

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    Ahah promete .. isto sim pode se chamar de divisao de mulheres agora combates de tag teams chatos e gajas que só têm fisico para serem modelos e nada mais só é tempo perdido

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    Becky Lynch vs ronda Rousey no main event da WrestleMania 35 vou viver para ver isso .

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      e que você vivia dizendo que, a Becky Lynch precisava se afastar da TV por uns tempos, porque a imagem dela estava muito desgastada. e blá blá blá, e agora a mulher é o maior sucesso.

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    Main Event da Wrestlemania