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Reações ao regesso de Rob Van Dam

O publicou uma série de testemunhos dos seus atletas em relação ao regresso de Rob Van Dam no próximo PPV, o Money in the Bank. Aqui ficam:

Paul Heyman: “The entire WWE Universe is buzzing about the return of a true one-of-a-kind, Rob Van Dam. And no one, I assure you, no one is more exhilarated about the return of RVD than Paul Heyman himself. Because after all, Rob Van Dam is a “Paul Heyman Guy.”” 

The Miz: “One of the greatest highfliers, a Legend in my mind. I remember from ECW to WWE, this guy is action-packed, he is a showstopper, he is must-see. He’s not going to take The Miz’s spot. I welcome all comers. I’ve always welcomed anyone that’s come back, because the fact is, if people are going to watch them, they’re going to stay to watch me. Who knows how much he has left in the tank? I’m curious to see how he does. I’m a huge fan and I look forward to getting in the ring with him.” 

Vickie Guerrero: “My responsibility is making the best opportunities for Monday Night Raw. To have RVD return back to WWE, I am honored to be part of the board that looked at his profile and welcomed him with open arms. RVD and I go back many years to when he was with Eddie. I cannot wait to see him here.” 

Brad Maddox: “Of course I’m not surprised, because I signed him. Or I should say, re-signed the legendary RVD. I specifically told him to wait for Money in the Bank, because I wanted to maximize profitability.” 

Titus O’Neil: “Anything that gets the WWE Universe excited in any way, shape or form, I’m excited about. Because that means more fans in the WWE Universe that will be spending more money to buy Prime Time Players T-shirts. So yeah, I’m excited about RVD coming back.” 

Damien Sandow: “I am not threatened by any man whose name is three letters.”

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19 Comentários

  1. Pantallica - há 4 anos

    Damien Sandow: “I am not threatened by any man whose name is three letters.”

    Ahahah! 😀

  2. danielLP21 - há 4 anos

    Ahahahahahahahahah Sandow é Rei! Ahahahahahahah

  3. R8cha - há 4 anos

    Ahahah a resposta do Sandow está demais. xD

  4. don_ricardo_corleone - há 4 anos

    Mas para quê? RVD há muito que não é relevante, é um veterano que regressa à WWE apenas porque esta é demasiado preguiçosa para criar estrelas. Daqui a uns anos não têm ninguém relevante.
    Já agora, Damien Sandow em grande! LOL

  5. CMPunkBITW - há 4 anos

    Damien Sandow WIN!

  6. gonçalo " the best in the world" - há 4 anos

    Este Sandow é brutal! hahahaa

  7. Dolph Ziggler - há 4 anos

    Amo-te Sandow.

  8. Mister m - há 4 anos

    Sandow deve ter sido o único que disse algo de jeito.

  9. Mauricio M - há 4 anos

    Damien Sandow você é o cara kkkkkkk

  10. MR Perfection André Santos - há 4 anos

    Sandow Muito bom!!!

  11. Carlito - há 4 anos

    Sandow The King!

  12. Eduardo - há 4 anos

    Sandow hahahahahahhahaha

  13. Enigma - há 4 anos

    Épico Sandow, és um mito.

  14. Duarte_WWE - há 4 anos

    Sandow casa comigo! Que rei, damien sandow the king of kings!

    Adorava que o Sandow tivesse uma feud com ele e vencesse, ai sim eu começava a respeitar o RVD!

  15. Dean Nolan - há 4 anos


  16. JeanJCS - há 4 anos

    Este Sandow é rei, mito, o homem é epico.

    Maddox tambem tentando ser engraçado.


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