A antiga lutadora da WWE e Divas Champion Kaitlyn, de nome verdadeiro Celeste Bonin, vai fazer o seu regresso aos ringues 4 anos depois de ter abandonado os mesmos.

O seu regresso vai acontecer num evento da Coastal Championship Wrestling, no próximo dia 10 de Fevereiro, na Coral Springs Charter School.

The women's wrestling revolution that is sweeping the nation has come to Coastal Championship Wrestling, as we present…

Publicado por Coastal Championship Wrestling em Sexta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2017

A ex-lutadora já tinha feito o seu regresso aos treinos de Wrestling há algumas semanas, como comprova este post publicado no seu Instagram.

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I Fucking love this picture. It’s truly worth a thousand words. I decided to start training in the ring again because it made me feel…. like me again. This isn’t for some great comeback or for fame or accolades. It’s for me. @pablomarquez94 has had an incredible impact on me and he welcomed me with open arms to his school and his world. I come a few times a week and I stay for hours. I miss the business and all the weird shit about it. Through my divorce, I lost a part of myself and went through some super fucked up stuff. I wouldn’t want to wake up some days and I just pretended it was all a nightmare. Well…. it turns out that’s not a thing. I’m 31. I have a business. It’s my decision to to wake up everyday and do some great shit. It also turns out that getting back in the ring…. inspires me. It is a symbolic representation of my life. “Tell a story. Make people believe in you. Help people relate to you. Help them feel your pain and let them connect it to their own personal struggle.” _________________________________________________ Tell your story. We’re all fighting the same fight. #maineventtrainingcenter #prowrestling #therapy

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    Boas noticias. Quem sabe ainda regressa à WWE. Todos os grandes talentos fazem falta. É pena que a AJ Lee já tenha desistido, porque podiamos ter o regresso das amigas.
    PS: Para que raio ainda querem o Al Snow?! XD

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    Ela no nxt seria muito bom , uma feud entre ela e a nikki cross ou com a ember moon .